The Revolver Project

The Revolver Project began as a splinter from an earlier sound project called Needle Finger. Where Needle Finger focused primarily on organized noise with an IDM tilt, and stirring a specific reaction from the listener, the Revolver Project (RVR) was born of a new direction toward traditional music brought on by the use of guitar and several other discontinued projects.

The first official RVR tracks, “The Wires Inside” and “Binary”, were recorded to demo status in 2002/2003 and received extensive radio play in areas covered by Ohio college radio stations.

RVR’s first full length album, tentatively entitled the Damning, it is focused on organic sounds blended with synthetic and a sombre, dark tone. This will tie in to Ashlee Scheuerman’s dark fantasy book, The Damning Moths. The album will be available for purchase through services to be disclosed in the near future.

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