An Australian independent media label founded in 2012 to bring you entertainment as only World Ender can. World Ender loves the darkness. World Ender is here. Welcome to World Ender, the festering hive of creativity.

. . books . .

Under the Iron Snail imprint, World Ender is proud to be releasing The Damning Moths Anecdota. This dark fantasy series begins with the Snowflesh Trilogy, and other stories within an expansive world series set to explore the undoing of The Damning Moths reality. Further major works released through Iron Snail to be announced in the future.

. . music . .

Into the Well recording is home to electro-rock by The Revolver Project. This ever-morphing musical experience will be releasing their first full length album through World Ender soon.

. . graphic art . .

The World Ender Design Studio harbours a talented and reclusive illustrator and graphic artist. Responsible for the cover art featured on Iron Snail books and Into the Well music releases, as well as illustrations, promotional design, and custom graphics for all World Ender associated projects.

. . computer games . .

Years of gaming experience are being put to terrible use in developing a speculative platformer and tentative experiments in a point-and-click adventure. Boasting a lead artist and sound designer from the World Ender Design Studio… More details to come.



Thank you for your interest in the World Ender empire.

Please note, World Ender is not accepting any external submissions of any projects at this time. Questions? Contact the World Ender staff by email.


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